Any flat solid surface could potentially be a comfortable place to sit down. Benches, breakfast nooks, window-seat built-ins, stools, chests, and trunks are examples of cushion-worthy seating. 

Wood chairs, wicker and deck furniture are also often in need of custom-fit cushions. The unusual dimensions of these items make it difficult to find stock cushions that fit, plus the filling within store-bought cushions can be less than desirable. 

Custom cushions can be made to exact specifications, taking into account notches or grooves, corners or unusual shapes.


Choose the thickness and the firmness of your cushion to provide the kind of padding you need. Unless otherwise warranted, most cushions are made with zippers. Ties, snaps, or Velcro can be added to hold your cushion in place, if needed. 

Fabrics, leathers and vinyls, weather-resistant fabrics all options are available at Keystone Fabrics. Top-quality workmanship is provided by Keystone Upholstering. 


  • Indoor/Outdoor

  • Pillows all shapes and sizes

  • Chair pads

  • Banquettes

  • Window seats


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