Brief History of Keystone Upholstering Company

Keystone Upholstering Company was founded by Raymond D. Marzani, a lifelong resident of the Tripps Park section of Scranton. Born in 1931 at the historic Tripp House into a family of tailors, Ray took naturally to the upholstering trade. He honed his skills under the tutelage of Mr. William Gressler, a German-born upholsterer who had immigrated to the area following the Depression. 

After outgrowing several buildings in North Scranton, Mr. Marzani bought the large 3-story building on North Main Avenue which continues to house the business to this day. Keystone Upholstering was officially established in 1963 on the third floor, and the building’s prime location in North Scranton attracted many other businesses to the first and second floors, including a dress factory, machine shop, and home improvement store. These businesses employed dozens of residents and played an important part in Scranton’s economic development over the past 50 years. 

From its founding, Keystone Upholstering Company has been known for quality craftsmanship in all styles of furniture upholstering. With a reputation for prompt, courteous service and fair pricing, Keystone Upholstering Company has been and continues to be the most trusted and utilized shop in the Northeast Pennsylvania region. Commercial or residential, Keystone Upholstering Company is proud to lend its expertise to any project serving the needs of the community.

Keystone Upholstering Company is now operated by Mr. Marzani’s sons Matt and Ray, and grandson Nate. Having worked in the business all their lives, Matt and Ray are master craftsmen with expertise in method and technique even beyond their father. 

Welcoming large as well as small jobs, the team is adept at all aspects of upholstering, transforming furniture in the most impossible state of disrepair into beautiful, comfortable and durable pieces that will enhance any setting. 

They also specialize in creating custom pieces such as ottomans, headboards, and cushions for built-ins. With their extraordinary work ethic and personable natures, Matt, Ray and Nate carry on the Marzani customer-oriented tradition while still offering only the highest quality upholstering service. 

Reupholstering -- Should you reupholster your furniture?

You own a piece of furniture that is in disrepair. The fabric is worn, the cushions have lost their shape, the springs are broken, the frame is loose, the wood is scuffed.

Can this furniture be saved?

Most likely! The condition of the furniture is rarely a factor in determining if it can or should be reupholstered. More important is whether you want to make the investment.

Reupholstering is not for everyone! 

Reupholstering is not exorbitantly expensive, but it is not a quick-and-easy factory-fix either. This work can only be done by skilled craftsmen, one piece of furniture at a time. 

Reasons to reupholster

There are many good reasons to reupholster your furniture. 

Check-off the statements below that apply to you: 
_____ You really like the shape and style of the furniture 
_____ The furniture fits your room just right
_____ The furniture has sentimental value to you 
_____ The furniture is old* therefore well-made
_____ You can’t find anything newly manufactured that you like as much
_____ You want to select a new fabric from thousands of options
_____ You want to specify the kind of filling used so that the furniture is comfortable to you 
_____ You believe in supporting quality workmanship by local, independent craftsmen
_____ You believe in “recycling” and reducing what goes in the landfill 

If you checked any of the above, then reupholstering is something you should consider. The more checks you have, the more strongly you should consider it. It could be that you checked all of the above…in that case, reupholstering is definitely for you!

Give us a call a we will gladly come to your home, free of charge, to assess your furniture further.




What goes into reupholstering?

• Pick-up of your furniture
• Stripping of all fabric and filling down to the furniture frame

• Disposal of all fabric and filling
• Frame repaired/ re-glued if necessary
• Springs retied, rewired or replaced, as necessary
• Frame refinished/re-stained
• Filling replaced with high quality urethane and/or polyester batting
• In cases of down/kapok filling, it is sterilized and reused, if possible
• Fabric applied by hand 
• Cushions, skirts, pillows, welts sewn by hand using industrial-grade machines
• Detailing applied by hand
• Scotch-guarding, if requested
• Furniture covered with plastic
• Delivery of furniture

Buy new or reupholster? Which is the better deal?

Many people wonder if they should reupholster or just buy new furniture. They remember seeing prices on new furniture that are less than the price it would cost to reupholster. But inexpensive new furniture is not AT ALL the same as reupholstered furniture. Thinking of the two as the "same" is like comparing "apples and oranges". Reupholstered furniture cannot be factory-made overseas, but rather can only be locally-made by expert craftsmen utilizing high-quality materials. Pricing - although really quite reasonable - will reflect this. 



Everyone knows that antiques are often considered “valuable” (a certified dealer can evaluate your furniture to determine what it is worth) but what if your furniture is, say, 20 to 30 years old but not yet considered an “antique”? Maybe you bought it when you got your first place or you inherited it. You still love it and you’d like to keep it. Is it worth reupholstering?

Generally speaking, the answer is yes. Even 10 years ago, there were much higher standards of quality in furniture manufacturing. It’s likely that if your furniture was made before that time it will have been crafted with some attention to detail by a company concerned with producing an item of quality. 


Nowadays furniture companies are competing for sales by stocking furniture bearing price tags almost unbelievable. These prices “come at a price”, so to speak. To accommodate bargain shoppers, one or more of these cost-cutting techniques must be employed:

• Eliminating hardwood-based frames
• Eliminating spring-systems for support
• Utilizing low-grade cushion filling
• Applying fabrics that lack durability
• Contracting with overseas manufacturing plants

 While affordability is key to many consumers, the adage “you get what you pay for” is very true in the furniture industry.


Before buying a new piece of furniture, there are two important questions you should ask yourself. 

1. Will this piece of furniture be used frequently? 

2. Do you want to have this furniture for some time or eventually give it to one of your kids? 

If the answer is “yes” to both of these questions, you should consider spending a little more to make sure your purchase will satisfy your needs and live up to your long-term expectations. 

If the answer is “no” to either question, you might not need to worry so much about quality. Sometimes you can get away with a more inexpensive purchase if you just need a decorative item to fill a corner, for instance. 

Otherwise, buy carefully!

What should you expect to pay for reupholstering?

Remember that reupholstering is always done in a local shop by skilled craftsmen. All of the work is handled by trained professionals. All pieces of furniture are unique and no assembly-line techniques can be used in reupholstering. In addition, reupholstered furniture is often “better than new” because you are guaranteed better quality materials and better workmanship than you would get from factory-assembled pieces. 

Since every piece of furniture is different and fabrics range widely in price, it is impossible to provide an exact “price-list” for reupholstering. We must evaluate every project individually and provide estimates based on many factors. Some furniture styles simply take more time to reupholster than others. Some fabrics are more difficult to work with than others. Spring-work and frame repair may be more extensive than usual. So just call us! We’ll be happy to provide you with a quick estimate after evaluating your furniture. Rest assured, Keystone Upholstering Company and Keystone Fabrics are widely known for delivering a very high-quality product at a very fair price. 


 Pricing Overview

our reupholstering estimate will include two prices: the labor price and the fabric price. These prices will add up to your total price.

The labor price is dependent on numerous factors, including furniture style, furniture condition, trim detail and fabric type. 

The fabric price is dependent on your choice of fabric. You may select from thousands of options which range widely in price. 






Send us an email at with a picture of your furniture attached and we will be glad to give you an estimate or you could call 
Matt Marzani directly at Keystone Upholstering Company 570-343-7123 to discuss your project!



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